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Benefits of Moissanite

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Mining Free

"Moissanite is lab created with minimal environmental impact."

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"Moissanite is less expensive per carat than many other gemstones."

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" Moissanite gemstones are a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. "

Moissanite vs. Diamond

Both diamonds and moissanites are special gemstones used in jewelry, and they look pretty similar. They share similar characteristics and sparkle a lot. That's why people often talk about and debate the comparison between moissanite and diamonds.


Moissanite is a mineral that doesn't naturally form on Earth. It actually comes from outer space and has been hitting Earth's surface for billions of years through meteorites and asteroids. Moissanite is almost as hard as a diamond, but there's not much of it on Earth. Luckily, scientists found a way to make moissanite in a lab, which is way cheaper. People sometimes call moissanite "fake diamonds," but that's not really true. It's just a different kind of mineral that's a lot like a diamond. Both diamond and moissanite are clear, but moissanite has more colorful flashes, making it a winner in that sparkle category! Even though moissanites are called "colorless," they might still look a bit yellow or gray in certain lights. The bigger the moissanite, the easier it is to see this color.


Diamonds are the toughest minerals found naturally on Earth. They take a really long time (at least 1 billion years) to form deep in the Earth. This happens in a super high-pressure and high-temperature environment about 100 miles below the Earth's surface, in a part called the mantle. Over time, diamonds slowly come closer to the Earth's surface during volcanic eruptions when magma shoots up. A colorless diamond, whether it's found in nature or made in a lab, has a natural color that doesn't have any hints of yellow, brown, or gray. This makes it look super bright and white, giving it a dazzling appearance. The surface sparkle of a diamond, known as scintillation, is a third type of diamond light return. The combination of these three gives diamonds their famous sparkle.

About Moissanite Jewellery

Valentina Gems and Jewelry LLC is located in the historic Jewelry Quarter, and we've been leading the way in selling moissanite jewelry online since 2008.

We have four different types of moissanite stones in our jewelry:

Forever one colorless: The premium brand of moissanite. These gems fall within the range of internally flawless to very slightly included (IF-VS).

Forever one near-colorless: Also a premium brand of moissanite. Flawless with some color.

Pure light: Intensely white colorless gem that is graded as D, E or F in color.

True light: True light shows a distinct hearts and arrows pattern and has Very Good+ to Excellent light behavior rating.

In our workshop right here, our expert jewelers design all the moissanite jewelry pieces at Valentina Gems. Whether it's an engagement ring, bridal set, or wedding ring, our skilled craftsmen put the same amount of care, skill, and attention to detail into creating these beautiful moissanite pieces.

Every moissanite stone is carefully set and polished by hand before being packed in special packaging. Our collection is vast, featuring moissanite engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. We offer them in 9ct yellow, 9ct white gold, and 9ct rose gold, and you can also choose from 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold, and Platinum.

Moissanite jewelry is way more affordable than diamond jewelry. So, you can get the same ring in 9ct gold, 18ct gold, or platinum for much less money. Or, if you prefer, you can choose a bigger stone for a lower price.

In short, people usually go for diamond jewelry, like engagement or wedding rings, but diamonds are really expensive. Moissanite is a fantastic alternative because it looks a lot like a diamond but costs way less.

Even though moissanite is just as strong and beautiful as a diamond, if not more, and more and more people are starting to like it, it's hard to say for sure if it will be the next big thing. But, looking back, emeralds used to be as popular as diamonds are now.

Moissanite is made in a lab, so there's no need to dig it up from the earth. Making these gems doesn't harm the environment and avoids problems with conflict trade. Compared to natural gemstones, moissanite's origins are easy to trace and completely eco-friendly. So, when you wear your beautiful new jewelry, you can feel good knowing exactly where it comes from. (Flawless Moissanite takes it a step further by using recycled Gold in all our Gold products for extra peace of mind.)